Aug 28, 2013

Healthy Hash Browns


Until I moved to the south I don't think I had ever had hash browns. Crazy, right? Once I tried them I was totally hooked--if Waffle House knows how to do anything (besides provide good eats after a late night... if you know what I mean), it's hash browns. Delicious, crispy, potato-y goodness? Yes please!

Hannah and I have been making hash browns a lot lately, and I've been experimenting with trying to make them a little healthier. An easy solution? Reduce the oil and add a secret ingredient... zucchini! It might sound weird, but you can't even taste the little "healthy addition". They're still delicious, crispy, and potato-y. Promise!


Healthy Hash Browns
Prep time - 5 minutes / Cook time - 8 minutes / Serves two

One small zucchini
Three large russet potatoes with the skins peeled
Generous pinch salt
Cooking spray
Tablespoon olive oil

Wash and peel three large russet potatoes (I use a carrot peeler on mine). Grate the potatoes and the zucchini into small strips. Spray a large skillet with cooking spray (I use Trader Joe's natural canola oil spray) and combine the grated zucchini and potato mix with the olive oil and a generous pinch of salt. Cook the hash browns on medium heat until they are crispy, making sure to flip the potatoes halfway through cooking. Mine take about 8 minutes to cook. 

Serve hot with ketchup and salt, to taste. I like to eat mine on lazy Sunday mornings with a side of eggs and a little pancake or two! You can also try adding some onions to the recipe for a little extra veggie goodness.

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