Aug 29, 2013

Corgi Walk in the Pearl

 photo IMG_7819_zpsc4825b96.jpg

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Hannah and I are obsessed with corgis. I mean, we practically stalk the poor corgi living next door, and I spend way too much time looking at pictures of corgi puppies on the internet. It's an addiction, people. An addiction to small, impossible cuteness. Anyway, it just so happened that a few weeks ago I was casually strolling through Portland's Pearl District after running errands downtown when I happened upon a poster for a corgi walk that weekend. In Portland. And Hannah and I were off work. Fate? I think yes!

That's how Hannah and I found ourselves downtown early on a Saturday morning creeping on some adorable little dogs and their sweet owners at the 2013 Corgi Walk in the Pearl. There were dog wagons, and puppies in baby slings, and corgis in tutus. And gosh darn it, it was amazing. I swear heaven is just a giant corgi walk. 

You're going to want a corgi after seeing these. Don't say I didn't warn you... And let's be real. This post is basically just an ode to the corgi, the cutest dog ever.

 photo IMG_7799_zpscee87c22.jpg  photo IMG_7783_zps4b84cdfc.jpg  photo IMG_7828_zps1d2dec0f.jpg  photo IMG_7677_zps2f8d14cf.jpg  photo IMG_7808_zpse99f3268.jpg  photo IMG_7794_zpsbe61d440.jpg  photo IMG_7746_zpsa793ec04.jpg  photo IMG_7780_zps53525319.jpg  photo IMG_7774_zps6b3734fe.jpg  photo IMG_7770_zps8f010fd9.jpg  photo IMG_7718_zpscdeed3b6.jpg  photo IMG_7753_zps70348326.jpg  photo IMG_7695_zps1b5b7e1e.jpg  photo IMG_7724_zps5ecf6596.jpg  photo IMG_7713_zpsc05977e1.jpg  photo IMG_7738_zpsf4477cfa.jpg  photo IMG_7751_zpsab3eb842.jpg  photo IMG_7708_zps8c92bbb8.jpg  photo IMG_7699_zpsbd3184c0.jpg  photo IMG_7683_zps0e966d3a.jpg