Nov 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May you enjoy lots of good food today and better leftovers for the next week.

( image by Terry Eggers via Corbis )

I’m thankful for my friends, for my wonderful family, and for the opportunities with which I have been blessed. I’m also quite thankful for all of the pounds I’m going to gain today. So totally worth it. What are you thankful for?


For the holiday; roasted pumpkin salad, pumpkin cinnamon rolls, and sparkling cranberries. Yum! Also, if you’re vegan you’ll enjoy these holiday recipes.


Wax dipped leaves are the perfect decoration. This adorable, functional DIY bag makes me really wish I could sew.

A crochet covered Smart Car? How adorable!

Last Thursday my sorority and I went to see Harry Potter at midnight!! Oh my gosh. You gave no idea how excited I was! A few girls dressed up (Luscious and Bellatrix were memorable), and we all headed over to the theater together. We ended up being in the same theater as my friend Charlotte and her girlfriend, and I saw a bunch of other people I knew. The movie was beyond amazing, and really lived up to my expectations. I was really disappointed with the sixth movie (sorry if you liked it!), but I loved how much more grownup this one was, and I felt like the production quality and cameraman-ship really improved.

How many of y’all saw it at midnight or later last week? What did y’all think? And if you haven’t seen it yet: whyever not?

( jeans – j. crew / shirt – gap / cardigan – old navy / belt – vintage / flats – unknown )
By far the dorkiest picture ever: reading glasses AND a wand.

Friday night some friends and I had a potluck at someone’s off campus house. The food was so good! My one friend made two pies, and there was couscous, mashed potatoes, brochette, chips and dip, and some other yummy things. I was lame and brought goldfish, but they ended up being a good choice for snacking later on. We had a blast chatting and watching Family Guy.

Saturday morning I woke up super early to go to Novemberfest, which is basically a warm up rush event for freshman to learn about the different sororities. Beforehand the sorority provided breakfast from Chick-Fil-A (my first southern chicken biscuit!), and we did some silly jazzercise to get pumped for the event. Then, for four hours, we talked to loads and loads of freshman one on one about where they’re from and what they’re interested in. It was totally exhausting, but it was nice to meet some people, and afterward we got to eat these adorable cookies decorated like limes that they handed out on drinks to the freshman, so it was all better. After that I took a nap and then headed with a friend to a play that Emory’s theater department was putting on called “You Can’t Take It With You”. The show was fantastic!


Sunday morning my field hockey team got up early to make the three hour trip to Limestone College in South Carolina for two games. The drive over was a blast, until we got pulled over for speeding on the highway (80 in a 60 zone isn’t that bad…), but it worked out okay. Parts of the campus were super pretty and the town the college is in was adorable, with loads of old brick houses and tree lined avenues. The team was a bit intimidating, (they’re a DII varsity team and we’re only a club team) but we didn’t do too badly! The first game was 4-0 them, but the second game was only 1-0, so we improved a lot. Afterward we grabbed Subway sandwiches and headed back to Atlanta. Phew!

On Tuesday night, after turning in a whopping four papers, I headed home to New Jersey to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family and Grandmother. Wednesday was spent running around looking for shoes, getting allergy shots (ew),  hair cuts, visiting my favorite teachers at my old high school, and spending the night playing Pictionary with my best friends. What fun! Quote of the night: "that cereal is glutton free!" (gluten free!).

I hope y’all have the most amazing Thanksgivings ever! What are you doing? Who is visiting? What are you most excited to eat?

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