Oct 20, 2010

Black Lace, Baby

A weekend of fall sunshine,  crunchy leaves, and the delight of the sun on my skin.
How lovely is this photo, “fall sunshine”, from Copenhagen Street Style Blog? I’m in love.  And how precious are those cute little acorn posts and pine cone earrings? Autumn perfection. 

What do I want to make eat right this very second? S’mores donuts and caramel self saucing walnut puddings with vanilla bean, fresh figs, and whipped cream.
Check out these scrumptious fall treats: pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, ginger-pumpkin soufflé, warm pumpkin salad with polenta and candied pumpkin seeds, pumpkin custard tart with red wine caramel sauce, and pumpkin flan with spiced pumpkin seeds. Alternatively, you can roast the pumpkin seeds from your jack-o-lantern in the over with some sea salt; quick, healthy, and beyond yummy!
This video really blew me away. Watch the water show, and soak up some powerful messages.
Are you ready for October to fade into November in a flash of glorious red and gold leaves? Two Atlanta Botanical Garden pictures I took that reminded me of the season:

This past weekend was insane amounts of busy awesomeness. On Saturday I went on a field trip to interview African refugees for class. Even though my partner and I’s interviewee didn’t show up, it was still a blast eating donuts and watching other groups interact with their interviewees. We rewarded ourselves with Panera afterwards, and that night I went to see my roommate, Emily, perform in our university’s orchestra. She plays violin, and she’s extraordinarily talented.

I go to Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, and on Saturday night Janelle Monáe came to perform with our orchestra. She’s been nominated for a Grammy, and is a truly phenomenal singer. She has all the style and pizzazz of Lady Gaga, and a voice that gave me chills! It was incredible. She sang BaBopByeYa, which I highly recommend you listen to here. After the concert my roommate’s parents took us to Yogli Mogli for tasty tasty frozen yogurt (I got red velvet, pumpkin, dulce de leche, and cake batter), and then Emily and I went to a friend’s birthday party. Phew!
( cardigan – target (thrifted) / lace bandeau – target / top – old navy
Shoes – trotters / jeans – gap outlet )
The next morning the field hockey team went to Georgia Tech for a tournament where we sold snacks to raise money and volunteered as “ball girls” during the games! We raised over three hundred dollars and got to see some extraordinary players, including some fabulous men’s teams and a women’s team from South America. It was crazy fun, and I got crazy sun burnt. Whoopsie. For dinner my friend Daniel and I went to the Vortex to eat turkey chili (yum) and chat, which was a nice relaxing end to the day.
The Dalai Lama is a “distinguished professor” at my university, and he is visiting all this week as part of “The Visit 2010”  Security had been insane! He even gets his own motorcade when traveling around Atlanta. Anyway, on Tuesday the Dalai Lama hosted Office Hours, during which he answered student and staff questions. I bought I ticket for 10$ and went with a few girls in my sorority, and it was incredible! The Dalai Lama radiates peace, and he seems like such a gentle, kind soul. He has this adorable chuckle that reminded me of Yoda, of the Star Wars fame. His responses to questions were enlightening and inspiring (when I could understand him!); he advocated merging spirituality and science, and talked about advice for schooling and life.
If you’d like to watch a webcast of the event, click here
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