Aug 16, 2010

Fall Fever

It’s been quite the week(end)! On Thursday I had a little reunion with some girls from my high school field hockey team, which was totally fun. Then, on Friday, my family went out to dinner because I’m about to go back to college some 666 miles (according to Google Maps; utterly creepy!!) away from home. In between all that, I’ve been back to school shopping for supplies and not-so-fun stuff like that. I did, however, get two pairs of fall shoes, which is VERY exciting for me because I have foot issues and finding shoes is awful (and thus explains why I wear the same three pairs of shoes all the time). But I digress. More on that in another post.

Anyway, this is what I wore for back to school shopping adventures with my mom. I realize this post is terribly boring; hopefully the bad lighting pictures make up for it! I didn't get around to taking them until about eleven o'clock, as I thought it might stop raining so I could get outside. Whoopsie. 

(dress - old navy / belt - target / shoes - merrell / necklace - j.crew)
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 If you notice, and if you care to wonder, that weird mark on my right leg is a bruise. Yes. I somehow managed to crash my bike. No, I did not just learn to ride. I hope you all had an amazing weekend! What did you do? Are you excited for fall, or wanting to hold on to summer?
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