Aug 28, 2010

DIY: Shirt Beading

 To start off with, I wanted to share with y'all my shirt beading project! I actually finished a lot of it on the train to Montreal (see here and here), and I'm pretty proud of it. I took an old shirt that I didn't wear anymore and beaded over an already existing design. I might bead the whole pocket of a plain white t-shirt next, so stay tuned!


Shirt (mine's from Gap Outlet)
Thread (that same color as your shirt)
Beads (I got mine from A.C.Moore)
If you're interested in doing this yourself, go for it! It's super easy, but it does take a lot of time if you're beading a lot. Basically, you're going to thread a needle (and maybe double thread it so the thread is stronger) that's small enough to go through the beads you're using. You'll knot one end of the thread, and, starting from the inside of the t-shirt, you'll thread the needle through where you want to start, adding the bead on the other side. To prevent the thread from showing, you'll want to "re-enter" the shirt as close to the hole you just made as possible. From there, just keep beading! Just don't make any section of thread too long; that way, if it ever breaks, you'll only have to re bead a small section of the shirt. 
I know. I'm dreadful at explaining things. If anyone wants to request it, I can post a picture tutorial when I start beading my white shirt!  
I terms of my actual life, I'm officially done the first week three days of college classes! YES. Haha. I'm looking forward to this year, but I'm also nervous. I'm taking some tough classes; ecology, intro to environmental studies, biological anthropology, and an anthropology class on Africa (which, sinfully, I know NOTHING about) along with possibly a gym. Eeek. And yea, gym is required. How silly is that?


I'm working super hard to get more involved on campus this year. I'm trying to start a running club with two other people, and I'm looking to join my college's club field hockey team, along with a sorority (I know, I know, not really my thing but... alas) and maybe a few other groups on campus, in addition to the photography I do for my college's newspaper. Yikes.
What are you favorite ways to get involved at school/in the community/etc? What is your favorite outlet (other than blogging! hehe).
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