Dec 17, 2013


I live a life of burgeoning curiosity.

I have a constant desire to touch and explore. I love reading the backs of bottles and the first pages of books. I always want to know what lies around the next bend in the trail and the next turn in the road. When I heard about Terrain’s opening in 2008 I longed to go; it seemed like just the place to let my curiosity run rampant.

I'm currently home in New Jersey for the holiday, and by lucky happenstance I finally got my wish on Monday, when my mother, grandmother, and I got lunch at Styer’s Garden Café. The café is a sweet little restaurant located inside of a greenhouse and attached to Terrain . The meal was lovely; delicious homemade bread baked and served in a flowerpot, a slightly lackluster wild mushroom and chestnut soup with crème anglaise, and a richly mouthwatering skillet of barley risotto, wild mushrooms, and toasted pumpkin seeds. I also indulged in a cup of Counter Culture Coffee, an Atlanta based company I’ve been meaning to try since before I moved west. While the cup was good I must confess: Stumptown has them beat by a mile.

Terrain didn’t disappoint. A member of the Anthropologie/Urban family, the store has the same delightfully intimidating hipper-than-thou feel. If you’re anything like me the incredible jumble of perfectly curated, professionally arranged items make you want everything in the store (however, as with big sister Anthropologie, the store is excellent at eliciting complete and total sticker shock). The quirky customer base even made me feel like I was back in Portland. I was probably most excited to see their collection of terrariums, which were predictably stunning--I seriously need to just make myself one already. I definitely left feeling extremely inspired and slightly poor.

Are there any stores you've been hoping to visit for a long time? For Philadelphia based bloggers--have you ever been to Terrain? 

As you may have guessed by my somewhat respectfully snarky comments, this post wasn’t sponsored by Terrain (I wish! Ha!). All thoughts are my own.

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