Dec 23, 2013


I spent the weekend walking the streets of New York with family and friends, eating good food and luxuriating in the lovely warm weather.

It was the first time I had been back since last Christmas, and as always I was struck by the fact that the city never seems to change. It's the same overwhelming, chaotic, and magical place it was when I was a kid. I actually envy people their New York dreams--it's a city I love to visit, but would probably hate living in. Give me the quieter streets of Atlanta or Portland any day.

My three days in the city were a blur of people and activities. I made the obligatory trip to see the tree at Rockefeller Center, saw Jersey Boys on Broadway, and celebrated my best friend's birthday with a fun night out on the town. My sister and I went to the Central Park Zoo (more on that later), and I introduced her to Stumptown coffee (which she loved). We had Thai food and famous meatballs, and I saw the Flatiron Building for the first time in years.

My goodness, was it fun. And my goodness, am I glad to be back home, snuggled in my bed with my PJs on.