Nov 2, 2013



Another October has come and gone. 

Portland is beautiful in the fall. We've been blessed with sun drenched days and starry nights. As the weather has gotten cooler, fluffy down coats and steaming travel mugs of peppermint tea have become part of the morning routine. Nights are spent cuddled under our down comforter, watching too much Netflix.

The afternoons are my favorite. The sun sits low in the sky, and evening light catches the golden fall leaves in the most perfect way. It's the best kind of weather for afternoon strolls close to home. At the end of October Hannah and I walked around the neighborhood, my camera in hand. We admired the sweet and scary Halloween decorations, and made friends with the sweetest little neighborhood cat. It was beautiful and quiet.

Here's to another October past. Here's to another festive November, as we watch fall fade into winter. Here's to new traditions, and new friends. Here's to the season.

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