Feb 6, 2013

Stone Mountain, GA

Over the weekend my sorority, Gamma Phi Beta, went on a chapter retreat to Stone Mountain, Georgia, to have fun and bond with the new members. I absolutely LOVE hiking the mountain, so while everyone else played team building games my friend Megan and I snuck away to go on a hiking adventure (because, you know, YOLO or whatever). We had a total blast taking silly pictures and hiking the trail! Afterwards I went with a bunch of friends to Doc Chey's, by Emory, for some yummy sweet and spicy veggie stir fry, which was pretty much the perfect end to the day.

 photo IMG_84301_zpsdd9f402f.jpg  photo IMG_8435_zps4c2072d3.jpg  photo IMG_8367_zps107394fa.jpg  photo IMG_8368_zps55f06638.jpg  photo IMG_8369_zps319295ab.jpg  photo IMG_8371_zps95dc1496.jpg  photo IMG_8419_zps21b93a78.jpg  photo IMG_8429_zpsb03ad753.jpg  photo IMG_8432_zpsbc412bac.jpg  photo IMG_8401_zpsc39711d4.jpg  photo IMG_84041_zps2f521390.jpg