Aug 20, 2013

Forest Park

 photo IMG_5866_zpsbb8eb02d.jpg

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Towards the end of July Hannah and I decided to visit Forest Park to get a little hiking in without leaving the city. It's one of the country's largest urban forests, and it's located just west of downtown! We ended up wandering one of the trails towards the north of the park. It was such a relaxing way to spend a few hours, and it was great to get into the forest to escape from the heat--it had been in the upper 80's and low 90's that week! Even though the park can get super busy we didn't see too many people on the trail we took, which gave me this wonderful feeling of peaceful solitude. I absolutely can't wait to go back to the park in the fall--I'm sure the trails will be even more stunning when the leaves are changing! Also, how cute is that little snail above? I'm convinced he was totally hamming it up for the camera.

Today was my first day of work at Old Navy. I'm working shipment, which means I help get the store ready in the morning before customers arrive. We unpack boxes, hang clothes, and fold tons of jeans. It also means working super early (6 AM), which I'll need to get used to! I definitely need to work on getting faster at unpacking, but I really enjoyed the work and the people at my store are super nice. I'm also super pumped to learn about working the floor!

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