Jul 11, 2013

Road Trip USA!

Hannah and I just finished making the trip of a lifetime--driving a car across the United States of America!! The trip was a total blast. We made it with three people (Hannah, myself, and her best friend, Amanda) and two cars. Even though it was a lot of driving, it was still a ton of fun! One of my goals has been to see all fifty states, and the trip definitely helped me get a little closer!

We took eight days to drive from Atlanta, Georgia, to Portland, Oregon, with a two day break in the middle of our trip to explore Yellowstone National Park. We saw a bunch of cool stuff along the way--the St. Louis Arch, the badlands of South Dakota, Mount Rushmore... Our itinerary was as follows:  

July seventh: West Yellowstone --> La Grande, OR
July eighth: La Grande, OR --> Portland, OR

We spent one night camping (on the fourth of July!), two in cabins, and the rest of the nights in cheap, cheap hotels. If we did it again I think I'd advise spending either more or less time camping--it really wasn't worth packing all the gear for only one night! I'll be posting about all of our road trip adventures soon, so stay tuned!