Jun 29, 2013

June, according to my iphone...

June has been full of checking off my Atlanta bucket-list and saying goodbye to people (and places!) before Hannah and I move out to Portland. 

At the beginning of June my best friend from home, Marie, came to visit me in the ATL! We explored the city (including Little Five Points, whose mural is pictured), climbed Stone Mountain, and spent a night "out on the town"!

I went to Augusta, Georgia, to visit my cousin Anna and her husband Spencer. We ate a ton of awesome food, spent a day kayaking down the Savannah River, and I shot my first gun! I also worked a lot this month--I totally lived for my peaceful lunch breaks spent reading outside.

Hannah and I went to Gainesville, Georgia, to visit her family. It was super pretty, and a lot of fun! We also went to the Red Stripe Midsummer Music and Food Festival, where we ate funnel cake and saw Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros for free!

Hannah and I went to see a movie at the famous Fox Theater in Atlanta (we saw 42, which was amazing) because Hannah has always wanted to see a show at the Fox! We also went to Arabia Mountain and hiked around the mountain and lake. It was absolutely beautiful!

I can't wait for July--it's going to be such an exciting month! We'll be road tripping across America, settling into a new apartment, and exploring our new home; Portland, Oregon. I can't wait for all of the upcoming adventures!