May 24, 2013


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It's strange to think that I'm done with my time as an undergraduate. On May thirteenth I graduated from Emory University with a bachelors of arts in environmental studies and anthropology. Now that I'm done with school I feel a little at a loss of what to do with myself. I'm in an awkward liminal stage--not quiet yet a graduate student, not quiet still an undergrad--and it makes me realize how much of my identity has been based around my schooling.

I've been working on campus to pass the time until I move to Portland, Oregon, with my girlfriend. It's minimum wage, earned by spending my days in a windowless basement handing people towels and basketballs. But its a job, and I really can't complain about a steady paycheck. I have Fridays and weekends off, and today, after a busy morning spent running a week's worth of errands, I took a walk through Lullwater Park, on Emory' campus. It was wonderful to get outside, stretch my legs, and take it all in. There's nothing on earth quite like the smell of honeysuckle on a warm summer evening. I don't know where the time went, but two hours later I found myself back at my front door, feeling a sort of happy exhaustion that comes from time spent exploring outside. It also felt good to have my camera back in my hands; I've been missing it more than I realized.

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